Hypnosis – Common myths

MYTH – You can be hypnotised to do things against your will
FACT – The hypnotherapist is merely a guide or facilitator. He / she can’t make you do anything against your will.

MYTH – A person can get stuck in a trance forever.
FACT – No one has ever been stuck in a hypnotic trance. Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state that we enter and exit during the normal course of a day.

MYTH – A person under hypnosis is asleep or unconscious
FACT – Whilst the hypnotic state might resemble sleep from the physical point of view: slowed breathing, eyes closed, muscles relaxed, activity decreased, from a mental standpoint the client is generally relaxed and is keenly alert and in a comfortable state where the person can think, talk and move about if needed.

MYTH – I can’t be hypnotised
FACT – The truth is that everyone can be hypnotised. As a matter if fact, each one of us is using hypnosis in some form every single day of our lives, either consciously or unconsciously. We are experiencing some form of trance-like hypnotic state each time we engage our imagination, each time our attention is focussed. Strength of mind really has little to do with it. Hypnosis helps a person gain greater control over both mind and body, it can help a person develop a stronger mind.

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